The new App Malta Sport Climbing Guidebook for Android and iOS is now available!

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Sport Climbing Malta
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This application gives you detailed, accurate and updated information of the zones and sport climbing routes in the island of Malta.

Here you will find information about sectors, number of routes, grades, names, meters, orientation, GPS coordenates, and a detailed map of how to get to the parkings, the walls and the routes from your location. It also provides general information about Malta; sleeping, eating, nightlife, weather, transportation, airlines...

Sport Climbing in Malta is the essential application for every climber visiting the island.

Sport climbing Malta
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Info escalada malta
General information of the area

Here you will find all the information of the area, number of routes per grade, sectors, type of route, equipment, orientation...
Direct access to each sector, geolicalization and general map.

Zoom and screen rotation.

Sport climbing malta
How to get there

Map with geolocalization, detailed explanation of access by foot, by car and by bus. Direct access to the area, sector, routes, public transport. 

Zoom and screen rotation.

Sectores de escalada en Malta
Information of the
routes per sector

All routes in the sector, topos on high quality pictures, grades, meters, name and stars. 

Zoom and screen rotation.

APP escalada en Malta
Menus screens

Informative menus and graphs that allow a faster and more intuitive browsing over all the content of the guidebook. Malta, areas and sectors, the guide, general map and galery.

Tabla de grados
Grade conversion table

The guidebook is based in the french grade conversion. However this table allows us to know the equivalent grading for other countries. 

Zoom and screen rotation.

Isla de Malta
Geolocation maps

Map of route from your position to the area you want to visit. Direct access to all general information of the crag. 

Zoom and screen rotation.

Mapa de Malta
General areas map

It will allow you to know with exactitude the location of each existing sport climbing crag in the island. General information. 

Zoom and screen rotation.

escalada en malta
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